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What is HITE?

The Health Information Tool for Empowerment (HITE) is the first online directory of health and social services specifically for uninsured and under-insured New Yorkers. With the click of a mouse, HITE allows you to access information on a broad array of health and support services.

Why is HITE needed?

Many people in New York State lack health insurance or have inadequate coverage. Moreover, many uninsured individuals qualify for Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or Family Health Plus but are not enrolled.

Before HITE, there was no central clearinghouse—paper-based or digital—of programs and services specifically for uninsured people. Consequently, many providers found it impossible to identify all the national, state, and local programs available to their low-income clients. Additionally, individuals directly seeking services also had great difficulty learning about services in their communities. HITE streamlines the process of connecting people with inadequate coverage to free and low-cost services.

How does HITE work?

The HITE website,, contains a listing of thousands of government, non-profit, and privately sponsored programs and services available to underserved individuals.

Health and social service professionals or individuals directly seeking services can search for resources by zip code, services offered, medical conditions treated, and languages spoken. Within seconds, HITE can identify a variety of programs and organizations that meet your unique needs. HITE saves you valuable time and provides the information you need.

Additionally, HITE offers users an eligibility calculator that quickly determines if a person is likely to qualify for one of New York State's public health insurance programs. HITE also provides detailed information about public health insurance programs and enrollment instructions.

Who can use HITE?

HITE was originally designed to help anyone who works with low-income, uninsured clients, including facilitated enrollers, social service providers, hospital and clinic staff, and employees of public sector and welfare agencies. While HITE remains a useful tool for professionals, anyone with a computer and internet access may use HITE to find the services they need.

Why should I use HITE?

HITE is free, easy to use, and saves time. With HITE, you can quickly find valuable resources in your community, such as:

Additionally, HITE can help you determine if your or your client is eligible for a public health insurance program, and it can direct you to lower-cost private health insurance options.

Is HITE's information current?

Yes. All the information listed in is verified and updated frequently.

When will HITE be available in my community?

HITE is available in the following areas of New York State:

New York City

Long Island

Who are HITE's sponsors?

HITE was developed by the GNYHA Foundation, the not-for-profit grantseeking arm of the Greater New York Hospital Association. HITE was made possible with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Langeloth Foundation, the Aetna Foundation and others. For a complete list of sponsors, click here.